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Presented here is a selection of articles from "The Melbourne Shakespearean",
the Society's quarterly newsletter
  Two reflections on Titus Andronicus - Judith Rodriguez; Jason Freddi
From Vol.7  No.4: December 2007
  Ralph Roister Doister: The First Regular English Comedy - By Angela O'Brien
From Vol.4  No.3: December 2004
  Berlioz and Shakespeare - A Romantic Life - By Max Reichert
From Vol.2  No.2: December 2001 (Part 1) and Vol.2  No.3: March 2002 (Part 2)
  Shakespeare in Love: Love and Art in Sonnets 1-126 - By Ross Williams
From Vol.2  No.3: March 2002
  Shakespeare Notes from a Small Island - By Ann Blake
From Vol.2  No.4: June 2002
  From the Archives - The Assassination of Julius Caesar in the Equitable Co-operative Society's Capital

Extracts from the Daily Telegraph of 16 June 1884 and a reply.
From Vol.2  No.2: December 2001, Vol.2  No.3: March 2002 and Vol.2  No.4: June 2002
  Villain or Hero: Reversal of Roles in The Merchant of Venice - By Saul Bastomsky
From Vol.5  No.1: May 2005